Adult Halloween Casino. - Danielle Mendez
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Adult Halloween Casino.

Every year for Halloween I love to do both something fun and special for the kids on October 31st, and something more grown up for the adults the weekend before! It has become tradition for my adult party to always have a casino! People love this idea and come 1am, I have a hard time getting them to go home! The difficult part about this event, is trying to always have a different theme going on around the casino, so that each year is still unique and not stale. Last year, I did a Halloween Haven with blood sucked dead servers and bartenders, vampires as dealers and pit bosses (fitting!), a bloody chef, and a huge graveyard with massive lighting covering my apartment building… This year, I know I want to lean towards the zombie casino theme as zombie movies and shows are hot right now! So how do you execute this without getting too cheesy, still staying classy while also bringing in a bit of gore and lots of brain!? For starters, try not to overdo things. There is no need for cobwebs, brains, and food that looks like eyeballs everywhere. Nor do all the counters to be covered in halloween artifacts from the last 20 years. Choose signature pieces, like a six foot talking zombie bride in your entry hall, and choose one wall to have 20-25 3d bats (so they cast shadows) or a special theme. Do use black lights in small places like a closet or under the bed (possibly with a zombies arm sticking out trying to grab your leg), but don’t in the bathroom, most people actually do want to see themselves and check their makeup when they are using the restroom. Make lighting and sounds your best friends! Use uplights outside to highlight a scary scene, animated figures or graveyard! Small LEDs and twinkle lights come in handy for walkways and back lighting. Have your TVs running zombie movies with sound effects coming from the mantle. Have your DJ or iPod, set for current music with halloween songs here and there. If you are only serving passed appetizers, only make half of them halloween ish. Not all Halloween food needs to make you wonder what’s going in your mouth!! You could do a liver pate crostini that resembles a brain, skewers with witches brooms, and tomato soup shooters with dry ice coming out of them that look like shots of blood. Remember, if you use dry ice in drinks or food, to make the cubes large enough that guests don’t swallow them and make sure your bartender warns them about the dry ice in the drink. Either way, this Halloween Party will be a smash!

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